cotton crescent meditation cushion cover

made in Canada
organic natural material
easy carry handle
soft + comfortable

Let the comfort of your body, allow the presence of your mind.

One of the simplest tricks to being fully present in life, or in meditation, is to remove distractions. Remove the physical distraction of discomfort by using this timeline design crescent shaped meditation cushion to support you in sitting tall, with less strain and tension through the feet, ankles and hips. Designed with a wide base and moderate lift so that the hips can be elevated up off the ground in a supported way, this will decrease the intensity of the hip angle and ideally create enough space for the knees to sit below the hips. The concave section of the crescent is the perfect space to allow the feet to tuck in close to the body without obstruction.

Made with 100% cotton, filled with malleable buckwheat, and designed with an easy carry handle, this ergonomically shaped meditation tool is there to support all your meditation and seated practice sessions. Constructed with love just outside Vancouver, Canada, it serves as a highly aesthetic addition to your home or studio space. With over 35 years of experience, we take pride in creating mindful and long-lasting meditation cushions.

Just like the moon, you shall go through phases, but you can always come back to your practice.

Made in b, halfmoon’s in-house manufacturing facility in Vancouver, BC.

Cover only.

Cover: 100% Cotton

5" x 20" 11"

Colour may vary
Machine wash cover in cold water on the delicate cycle Hang to dry Do not bleach Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex-gloved hand or a lint roller