linen cylindrical bolster

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made in canada
natural material
easy carry handle
removable cover

Open, breathe, and deepen with support and ease.

Experience deep and supported heart and chest openers with our highest bolster in the lineup, measuring 8" in diameter. Crafted with 100% linen, a premium, timeless, and environmentally-friendly fabric. The cultivation of flax plants and the creation of linen fibers require minimal water, making this option eco-friendly while exuding a natural and artisanal aesthetic. The linen material is soft to the touch and becomes even softer with each wash. Located just outside Vancouver, Canada, our bolsters are mindfully constructed. We have been designing and constructing bolsters for over 35 years to ensure they stand the test of time.

When lying down, the ergonomic cylindrical shape allows you to horizontally drape the upper back over the bolster for a supported upper back bend. You can also place the bolster vertically along the spine, allowing the shoulders and chest to relax and open around it. For a more restorative option, lie on your back and position the bolster between the floor and the backs of your knees to find sweet relief and release in the lower spine.

Experience true support for your self-care practice with our thoughtfully designed cylindrical bolster.

Cover: 100% Linen, Casing: 100% Cotton, Filling: 96% Cotton 3% Polyester 1% Foam fill

8" x 8" x 24"

Colour may vary
Remove cover. Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.