linen crescent meditation cushion cover

made in Canada
natural material
easy carry handle
soft + comfortable

Let the comfort of your body allow the presence of the mind.

One of the simplest tricks to fully embracing the present moment in life or during meditation is to eliminate distractions. Experience the removal of physical discomfort by using this crescent-shaped meditation cushion to support your posture, enabling you to sit tall with less strain and tension in the feet, ankles, and hips. Designed with a wide base and moderate lift, this cushion elevates the hips in a supported manner, reducing the intensity of the hip angle and creating space for the knees to rest below the hips. The concave section of the crescent shape allows your feet to tuck in close to the body without obstruction.

Constructed just outside Vancouver, Canada, this cushion is made from 100% linen—an exquisite, timeless, and environmentally-friendly fabric. The cultivation of flax plants and the production of linen fibers require minimal water, making it an eco-conscious choice. The linen material offers a soft touch and becomes even softer with each wash. Filled with malleable buckwheat and designed with an easy carry handle, this beautiful and functional crescent meditation cushion is not only durable and flexible but also conveniently portable for your seated practice. With over 35 years of experience, we take pride in creating mindful and enduring meditation cushions.

Just like the phases of the moon, you may go through different stages, but your practice will always welcome you back.

Cover only.

Cover: 100% Linen

5" x 11" x 20"

Colour may vary
Machine wash cold the cover. Do not bleach. Hang to dry.