What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

what is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

Andrea Morris | Mar 26, 2024 | minute read

Whether you’ve already found your favourite form of movement or are testing your way through a variety of rituals, having a go-to mat (or two) is a must. When browsing through mats that align with your mindfulness practice, an important factor to consider is the thickness.

Finding the perfect thickness for your yoga mat is a lot like picking the right pillow—too thin can feel unsupportive but too thick, and you’re practically straining your muscles to get comfortable. Together, let’s explore why mat thickness matters and how to find that reliable sweet spot so any movement you choose flows naturally.

Consider how & where you move

So, how do you pick the right mat thickness for you? To start, think about all the ways you love to move and the activities that excite you most.

Maybe a morning meditation is your go-to way to start the day, or perhaps a fast-paced floor pilates class boosts your productivity. You’ll also want to keep in mind any injuries or sore spots that impact your time on the mat. From your practice style to your needs and preferences, each person has different priorities, body abilities and comfort levels.

Get to know the key differences

Now that you’re thinking about all the ways you move, you might be wondering…

How thick should a yoga mat be? What does the ‘mm’ measurements on mats mean? Is it better to use a thick or thin yoga mat?

Well, not all mats are created equal—and for good reason! From yoga to HIIT, travel to at-home use, the thickness of your mat can make all the difference. Those constantly moving from place to place might prefer a thinner, more portable mat over someone who would rather zone into zen from home. For those somewhere in between, a medium-thickness mat may strike the perfect balance.

Yoga mats are typically measured in the metric system of millimeters, otherwise known as ‘mm.’ This tells us how thin or thick a mat is.

Think of a 2mm mat as your best companion for on-the-go flows. A sleek and lightweight mat (preferably not thinner than 2mm) is perfect for travelling with, both near and far. Plus, our traveller mat can be rolled or folded.

4mm mats are an ideal everyday mat, being versatile in the ability to ground and comfort you, without being bulky or too heavy. It’s still comfortable to carry around, especially if you’re planning on using your mat outdoors and in nature–simply pack it in your everything tote to be ready for the day.



For extra support without too much bulk 6mm mats come in first. With thicker cushioning, you’re sure to have comfort—perfect for HIIT, restorative practices, savasana time, meditation or anyone seeking a little extra TLC for their joints. Although not the lightest mat, you can partner with our mat strap to take it on the go.

Lastly, whether you’re navigating injuries or simply need a mat as tough as your workouts 10mm mats offer superior cushioning and stability. Take our impact mat, for example—made from 100% foam so, although slightly bulkier than our other options, it’s still designed to be lightweight and easy to carry.

Choose what’s right for you

Our way of finding the perfect cozy spot to unwind, release and engage in self-care is moving on (and off) the mat—which is why comfort and support should always be at the forefront. When deciding what yoga mat thickness is right for you, trust your instincts to discover what feels like home for your practice.

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