Halfmoon - How to Clean Your Halfmoon Yoga Mat

how to clean your b, halfmoon yoga mat

Andrea Morris | Mar 07, 2024 | minute read

Your mat is more than a prop for exercise—it’s an extension of you, your practice and your safe space to find pause throughout each day. 

Whether you’re flowing through sun salutations, embracing strength training or finding serenity in meditation, your mat was made to support you through it all. But with regular use, comes the inevitable build-up of sweat, bacteria and dirt. Not only does this affect the cleanliness of your mat, but it can also impact your practice.

With a consistent cleaning routine, you can keep your mat looking (and smelling) fresh to maximize its longevity. So, let’s explore simple ways to clean and care for your mat year-round: 


Use a specialized mat-cleaning product

Our recommendation is to opt for a non-toxic, natural cleaner (like our cleanser)—specifically designed to clean your mat without compromising its quality. The biodegradable formula and light refreshing scents, ensure that your mat stays grippy and durable. 


Let your mat fully dry

After cleaning, give your mat time to completely dry before you roll it up. In our experience, it’s best to air dry, however, to speed up the process, wipe it down with a towel to prevent moisture buildup—which can lead to mildew and mold growth. 


Use a yoga towel

Throughout your practice, having a quick-absorbing grip towel handy is a convenient way to keep your mat hygienic. Not only will it help you flow with ease, but it’s also a great option for reducing the amount of sweat and skin cells that come into contact with your mat.


Machine wash in moderation

While it might be tempting to toss your mat into a machine regularly, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so. Our b, mats are machine-friendly, however, hand washing your mat is typically the most effective way to prolong quality (and to help avoid wear and tear on any logos). 


Be mindful of essential oils

We’re all for a lovely spritz or two of a calming lavender or orange and spearmint, however overusing heavier oils on or around your mat can leave a residue that impacts its material and grip. Lighter oils or cleaners with a gentle scent are ideal. 


Whether you own an everyday mat, impact mat, strong mat, cork mat or traveller mat, with these tips and proper care, every session on your mat will feel like a breath of fresh air. 

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