Introducing b, halfmoon: The union of sister brands B Yoga & Halfmoon

introducing b, halfmoon: the union of sister brands b yoga & halfmoon

Andrea Morris | Aug 29, 2023 | minute read

b, halfmoon maintains the heritage of B Yoga and Halfmoon, putting a strong emphasis on lifestyle products supporting people on their wellness journeys

TORONTO, ON — Today, Mindful Collective Co. announced the union of their two movement and meditation brands, B Yoga and Halfmoon, marking the official evolution into one new lifestyle brand: b, halfmoon. This union marks the launch of a new lifestyle brand with the purpose of supporting and inspiring all people on their journeys to wellness. The evolved brand brings together the shared values of each, with an emphasis on inspiration drawn from nature, the power of the pause and encouraging people to live their truth. The brand will continue to offer core movement and meditation products while also expanding into new lifestyle categories.

The newly evolved b, halfmoon brand is deeply inspired by nature and all of its elements are grounded in nature as truth. The new brand places nature at the forefront of everything they do, believing that it grounds, inspires and guides in all areas of life. It is through nature that b, halfmoon believes their community can be inspired to discover their truth. 

These values are directly reflected in the design of the new brand, with strong connections to the solar system in the name and colour palette. Central to the brand’s design are colours that reflect the sun and moon, most notably with the primary solar orange, a colour that has been central to Halfmoon since its inception in 1989. Logo design elements such as the comma also help to signify the brand’s focus on the power of the pause, encouraging moments of reflection and deep connection to self. 

Nature as truth extends into b, halfmoon’s brand ethos which draws inspiration from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system that focuses on natural practices which create balance in all areas of life, including mind, body and spirit. These three elements inform doshas within the Ayurvedic framework known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha and will form the foundation from which many of b, halfmoon’s products are created, specifically the new essential oils and crystals. 

"We are thrilled to embark on this transformative new chapter, as B Yoga and Halfmoon become a single unified brand, b, halfmoon,” says Andrea (Morris) McKay, Founder of B Yoga. “This union represents an evolution that will elevate our ability to inspire and empower individuals on their wellness journeys. Together, we will combine our strengths, expertise, and passion to create a dynamic lifestyle brand that fosters new freedom, growth, and light."

The brand makes its debut with new product categories launching between now and the fall including aromatherapy offerings featuring essential oils in partnership with Zayat Aroma, a new range of crystals, including jewelry made in collaboration with Essentially High, eco-conscious foodware from Black & Blum, and sustainable candles from Verre Lune. The brand will also release artistic product collaborations, including prints from Alessandra Olanow and designs from Paige Jung, which will be featured on select soft goods from the brand. In addition to focused efforts around product expansion, the brand has also embarked on a journey to become B Corp certified, demonstrating their dedication to continuing to prioritize the environment while branching out into new categories.

A strong emphasis on elevated in-person brand experiences will also be a priority for b, halfmoon, starting with the opening of the brands’ first-ever gallery retail concept store in Biarritz, France tomorrow, followed by the opening of its first Canadian gallery in Quebec in the fall. The retail concept will mimic the experience of an art gallery and will also be used as a space for wellness activations such as movement, meditation and ayurvedic events. The brand intends to explore further expansion across Canada and into the United States in the future. 


About b, halfmoon:

b, halfmoon’s mission is to support a collective movement towards living in harmony with the planet, on our own terms, in our truth, bringing and finding light, and in constant evolution. The brand's aim is to promote the wellness lifestyle through a strong connection with nature, intentional products and services, innovation and excellence.

Everything the team does at b, halfmoon is informed by a set of commonly held values: b, well, b, impactful, b, connected, b, true. Though their work is ever-evolving, just as life, the same values that guided the brand’s growth at its inception continue to do so now. From 1983 until today, Vancouver to Southern France, product designers to floor leads, mountain to ocean, everyone on their diverse team works towards fulfilling these values.


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