Changemaker Feature: The Practice of Giving Back to the Trini Foundation

changemaker feature: the practice of giving back to the trini foundation

Andrea Morris | Nov 28, 2022 | minute read

Founder and Executive Director of the Trini Foundation, Taylor Hunt, is using yoga to help support people on their recovery journey. After discovering Ashtanga yoga early in his own sobriety, Taylor gained a new sense of acceptance and self-worth—feeling more compassion for himself and others. He realized that yoga could offer a path to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Not just for him but for so many others struggling with their own addictions.

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1 - What is the mission and purpose of the Trini Foundation?

The Trini Foundation helps people with substance use disorders find long-term recovery. We do this by building physical, mental, and spiritual environments that offer support by integrating recovery services with Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices.

2 - How has the practice of Ashtanga yoga impacted your own life?

The practice of Ashtanga yoga has literally saved my life. It gave me a healthy framework for living and a discipline that I can show up for every day. That combined with a 12-step program has molded me into the person I am today. I started when I was about six months sober and was very resistant at first. It made me feel vulnerable, and honestly, brought up a lot of emotions. From that first class, I could see the consequences of my life as an addict and it was painful to look at. But, I continued to show up eventually seeing progress and that kept me inspired to do the work.

3 - Why is connection such a critical component to recovery?

I think that it helps people understand that in order to recover we need to deal with our issues and past. The connection created by the practice allows us to become aware of our negative behaviour patterns and how we store those experiences in our bodies. Which then creates a pathway to healing and growth.

4 - Where does the name "Trini Foundation" come from?

In the yoga sutras, the third limb (trini) is where we learn asana (poses). Since the foundation offers instruction in physical postures as a tool to support recovery, we felt the name was fitting.

5 - Who are your partner studios? How can studios get involved and support your mission?

Partner studios are essential to our mission! Trini offers monthly tuition assistance so individuals in recovery can practice Ashtanga yoga at studios in their local communities. The geographical reach of our programming and the number of students we can help is largely dependent on these partner studio relationships and their ability to cultivate effective outreach in their local recovery communities. We currently have over 50 partner studios in 24 states. Studios interested in partnering with Trini may visit in order to begin accepting scholarship students.

Follow Taylor and the Trini Foundation's work on Instagram @trinifoundation to see how their work is helping people heal and begin a new chapter in their own stories.

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