is it worth getting an expensive yoga mat?

is it worth getting an expensive yoga mat?

Andrea Morris | Apr 16, 2024 | minute read

When it comes to picking the right mat for you and your wellness routines, there’s lots to consider—price being a key factor for most. Whether you’re searching through budget-friendly options or premium competitors, choosing where to spend your money is an important decision.

One of the most common questions that surface when shopping for a new mat is…

Should I save or splurge?

In this guide, we’ve got your back—or rather, your mat. We’ve rounded up the most important things to keep in mind when deciding how ‘worth it’ each price tag is so you can feel confident clicking ‘add to cart.’ 

the importance of quality

Any well-made mat should provide you with stability, support and ease through all forms of practice. From durability to consistent performance, here are the categories to note when shopping around:

grip and traction 

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a downward dog, feeling zoned into zen, and then…whoop! Your hands and feet start to slip, leaving you feeling frustrated and in pain. This is where a high-quality mat comes in—one that keeps you stable and secure, no matter what poses or practices are your go-to. No sliding, no slipping—just you and your mat, in harmony. (And not to brag, but our b, mats are most known for their superior grip). 

cushioning and support

Choosing a mat thickness is an important part of this decision. Consider our b, mat strong and b, mat impact—they’re mats made specifically with extra cushioning for HIIT, pilates and everything in between. Now, that’s not to say that all mats with a lower price tag have less cushioning, but it certainly can be the case. Not only does added support help reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort, but it also protects your joints during all types of practices. 

materials and sustainability 

When investing in a yoga mat, you’ll want to understand what materials are being used and the company’s commitment to sustainability. Opting for eco-friendly materials, such as natural rubber and cork, benefits the environment and also ensures your mat is free from toxins and harmful chemicals—but it comes with an added cost. As a B Corp-certified company, we prioritize ethical manufacturing practices, social responsibility and environmentally friendly materials---which is something to consider when comparing price tags. 

long-term investment

As with any large purchase, considering the initial cost of a mat is one factor, however, understanding whether the product and company are transparent about the breakdown behind their prices is essential. With proper care, a premium mat will elevate your practice last for years to come—supporting you through countless practices, while a budget-friendly option may need to be replaced often. 

So, is the pricier yoga mat really worth it? Well, now you have a breakdown of how to find out. Investing in your practice is also a way to invest in your comfort, health and overall well-being—which is even better when you’ve shopped from a brand that aligns with your values, purpose and goals. 

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