Finding Your Inner Voice with Samantha Stevenson

finding your inner voice with samantha stevenson

Taelor Gray | Aug 21, 2020 | minute read
Finding my inner voice is a journey I’m continuing to navigate. Like many of you, it’s been a process of self-reflection and self-learning. It has been interesting, fun, challenging, and sometimes absolutely exhausting. It is an act of returning to myself. For me, it’s been a process of going inward and seeing what's really going on, what parts of me I am ready to explore.

The self-reflection has been the most important element of finding my inner voice. I’ve become curious and started to ask myself inquiring questions about my life and parts of my experiences. I’ve found that the inner voice can be as subtle as a whisper or as loud as a scream. It’s about listening and coming to know what my inner voice sounds like versus what my ‘monkey mind’ is telling me. The inner voice of my highest self is always leading and guiding me to where I need to be.

I have and still am developing a sense of self-trust. A knowing that when something comes up, whatever it is, that I am safe and that everything will be okay. In this way, I have come to know my heart, know my intentions and I’ve spent enough time with my inner voice that it feels comfortable coming into material form through my speech and writing, in conversation, and in my actions. I give myself permission to take center stage, to live in joy and gratitude, patience and abundance. I feel aligned and comfortable sharing my voice when I feel safe and secure within myself, knowing that my voice is valued, necessary and can engage meaningfully with the external world.

Here are 5 ways I’ve been doing this work to find my inner voice:

1. Learning from other’s and understanding intersectional perspectives helps guide me with my own internal work

I don’t try to reinvent the wheel and do this work alone, there are some amazing guides out there that are doing the work to support people in finding their way back to themselves. By these people sharing their experiences and what’s worked for them, it’s been incredibly helpful and healing in my own experience. Most recently, I’ve been following the guidance of Maryam Hasnaa’s New Earth Mystery School and Monique Ruffin aka the Moon Mama. Both of their offerings have been incredibly helpful, offering tools that have supported my own personal journey.

2. Yoga & Meditation: clearing the chaos, releasing what’s not meant for me and seeking sovereignty

I invite my inner voice to come forward when I am able to decrease the noise and find quiet and stillness. I use yoga and meditation as a means to this. Through both of these modalities, I’m able to quiet my mind’s chatter. In my personal practice, I have been inspired by energy clearing through visualization meditations. These have been extremely helpful in learning how to manage my energetic sovereignty better. In this society, it is very easy to absorb a lot of energies and opinions of others so for me, it has become very important to come to know what’s mine and what’s not. This is an important tool I’ve used in finding my inner voice, clearing my channel so my real essence can come forward.

3. Fine-tuning my intuition through tarot and oracle reading, paying attention to everyday synchronicities

My intuition and my inner voice are deeply connected. Fine-tuning my intuition has definitely been a helpful component in finding my voice. Lately, I’ve practiced listening and reflection through mediums such as oracle cards or tarot decks, paying attention to the synchronicities, the numerology, symbols, astrology. The subtleties in everyday life deepen my relationship to the self, my intuition, and my inner voice.

4. Following my gut, leading with the heart

For me, dancing, laughter, watching inspiring content, having soulful conversations with friends and family, playing with my dog, cozy alone time and self-care are some of the things that feel good to me. I like to ask myself “what’s the most exciting thing I could do right now” and this brings me into alignment with the frequency I desire most and from this place, my inner voice, my true self can come through.

5. Letting myself feel free, being playful and feeling safe

I feel empowered to shine when I give myself the permission to be free - to tap into my playful and light-heartedness. In these moments of presence I allow myself to feel fully myself, to speak from a place of joy and contentment. Allow yourself and give yourself the permission to feel free; get outside, do the things you love, spend time with the people who inspire you.

Life is a journey and I’m learning to have fun with it and enjoy the ride. I’m wishing anyone who reads this ease and fun in tuning into your inner voice, it's in there ready to come out and play. Trust yourself and be well.

Bio: Samantha Stevenson (she/her) is trauma-informed yoga and meditation student and teacher based currently in Maryland. She is a wellness advocate and budding creative. She is also a brand strategist and digital content creator and manager. Mostly, she is a divine being having a human experience finding her way like the rest of us, who is in gratitude to her community.

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