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recalibrate with before noon for the new year

Sahar Manavikherad | Jan 16, 2022 | minute read

Before Noon founders Danielle Lumetta, Ann Tham, and Natasha Wong Davis found each other in between life's ups and downs. After sharing their stories of workaholism, heartbreak, and anxiety, which showed up as burnout, depression, and shingles, they realized their individual challenges were not unique. United in their desire to break patterns, they found power in holistic therapy and felt a responsibility to share. They’re on a mission to empower those with curiosity and an open mind to find, be, and love your most authentic self.

We’ve teamed up with them to offer b, halfmoon customers an exclusive experience (Energy Healing, Sleep Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, or Tarot Meditation) to support a new year recalibration in 2022.

Here, co-founder Natasha shares more about their story, their offerings, and how she’s finding her own way to recalibrate and reignite the yoga practice she loves.

Tell us more about how you met Danielle and Ann.

Our story highlights the power of the law of attraction and the importance of trust and surrender. In 2016, I met Danielle through a high school friend who the year before designed my new store, Seldom Seen, and was Danielle’s colleague. Ann and I went to college together and she had just moved back to San Francisco after a long career stint in NYC.

Because she was playing with the idea of opening her own store in the future, Danielle offered to “intern” at my store. Around the same time, Ann was searching for a creative outlet and defining her next career move and with her expertise in retail finance, she graciously agreed to help me with financial forecasting and business modeling.

The 3 of us worked together during nights and weekends at Seldom Seen (Danielle and Ann still had their day jobs!) and we started to have real and vulnerable conversations about life’s ups and downs.

Before Noon

What should we know about the four offerings our customers have to choose from?

During our Sessions, we take our Members on a 45-minute journey through a blend of ancient traditional modalities and mindfulness techniques that is beautifully synced to the rhythm of a specifically curated playlist. Our live, virtual, and group Sessions are led by our vetted and trusted Guides, who hold a safe space for our Members to experience breakthroughs and connect back to self.

We offer Energy Healing, Tarot Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, and Sleep Meditation and each offering is geared towards a specific practice of self-care. We practice finding balance in Energy Healing, connecting to our intuition in Tarot Meditation, freedom in Ecstatic Dance, and rest in Sleep Meditation.

How do you recalibrate?

Last October, I took a week off and went on a solo trip to Baja. Stepping out of my day-to-day routine and being alone is my go-to way to recalibrate and find my flow.

What tools have been most powerful for you in finding inner calm?

For me, the most powerful tool in finding inner calm during the past two years is creating a consistent self-care practice that I love and feel good doing. For me, the list currently includes a journaling practice, moving my body, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

I gave myself permission this past year to get creative with my yoga/meditation practice. Sometimes it can look like a seated traditional meditation, but lately it looks like attending our Sessions, painting triangles, or styling a beautiful tablescape. I learned that meditation for me is not gripping onto what I think meditation should be, but instead a practice of being, flowing, and allowing. As someone who loves routine and thrives in consistency and discipline, my meditation practice is focused on doing things that bring me joy and happiness and allowing my practice to be in a state of flux.

Before Noon

What are your favourite b, halfmoon products?

I can’t live without my eye pillow! Because our Sessions are virtual, I can attend anywhere and my eye pillow is key to being able to get my body out of the “fight and flight” response and into “rest and digest.” The linen bolsters are at the top of my wish list. Sel Brown, our Sleep Meditation Guide, teaches us how to put together a Yoga Nidra nest and raves about how these bolsters create the coziest space to practice rest and relaxation.

We hope you’re feeling as inspired as we are! Shop by January 31 to receive a Before Noon experience with your order.

To learn more about Before Noon, visit their website ​​beforenoon.co or Instagram @before__noon.

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