Sound Bathing

sound bathing

Taelor Gray | Sep 10, 2019 | minute read

“He who knows the secret of the sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sound healing sessions sometimes known as sound baths, sound meditations, sound journeys or sound ceremonies, are all incredible spaces to receive the amazing benefits of working with sound to heal the body and mind. Whether this be with a skilled and trained facilitator or on your own with sacred instruments, like singing bowls, gongs, rattles, chimes or the voice, there are a wide variety of ways in which one can explore and help effectively free the body and mind of dis-ease, depression, anxiety, stress, or even physical discomfort and pain. Here, we will discuss what a sound healing can look like, how to participate in a session, and the many benefits of working with sound as medicine.

Often in sessions, participants bring cushions, blankets and mats to lay down and receive the sound bath for typically just over an hour. Laying down allows the body and mind to be in a deeply receptive state. From here, it is a good practice to have a moment to check in with yourself. What are you present with? During a sound session, emotions, memories, thoughts, triggers, or physical sensations may arise. All are valid and welcomed experiences and can inform the participant of any focal points the body is presenting. This is in a sense a language and a way to communicate and understand what the body is holding, often times subconsciously.

One of the most important things to note when working with sound is it is as much about the external sounds coming in as it is about how the participant meets the sound or invites the sounds in with the whole body. The best way to receive the most benefit from any sound session experience is to stay open and curious about how the sounds move through the body. What memories or emotions do they bring up, what mental process or physical sensations arise? This is a practice of engaging the inner witness and deeply listening - the receptive side of sound healing. Each participant of a sound journey has a diverse number of experiences and NONE are wrong.

Sound Medicine is an empowering way to continue on the path of inner awareness. It can take courage, effort and a bit of work to dive into the inner territory, but it can also be fun, playful and pleasurable. Whatever arises for you in the soundscape is perfect for you at the time. My closing invitation to you is to enjoy these beautiful soundscapes, dive deep in curiosity and awaken the receptive side of sound as medicine.

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