Make Massage Part of your Wellness Practice

make massage part of your wellness practice

Amanda Vitaro | Jun 06, 2019 | minute read

Find the massage tools that give your body what it needs the most! Whether you're looking to massage out large muscle groups or smaller hard-to-reach areas, the Massage Collection has got you covered. Read on to learn our favourite ways to use each tool.

Natural Rubber Massage Peanut

The Natural Rubber Massage Peanut offers medium to firm pressure that can help improve your circulation and relieve muscle tension. This is a great tool to massage your spine. Lean the top of your spine into the massage peanut and roll the peanut up and down, massaging your back along a wall, chair or the floor. This motion allows the tightness in your muscles around your spine to relax and can improve your range of motion. It also reduce headaches that may have been caused by tension held along your spine.

Jumbo Natural Rubber Ball

The Jumbo Natural Rubber Massage Ball is great to roll out larger muscles such as your back, hips, buttocks and legs. With medium to firm pressure, this jumbo rubber ball can release tight muscles, improve your range of motion, improve circulation and enhance joint movement. Our favourite way to massage the body with this tool is to lean the outside of the thigh on the ball while rolling along the floor. This movement softens the thigh muscles and massages the IT band — a difficult spot to stretch.

Natural Cork Massage Ball

The Natural Cork Massage Ball Trio comes with two 75mm balls and one 50mm ball for those hard-to-reach areas. These cork balls offer firm pressure that can calm your nervous system and relieve tension. One area this is often overlooked are the inner thighs. Laying on the floor, place the 75mm near the top of the knee. Slowly roll downwards along the ball to relieve any pain or tension. Experiment with different sizes and amounts if pressure. The 50mm ball may be able to reach some target areas that the 75mm ball cannot find.

Massage Balls

These Massage Balls were made to stimulate energetic flow and reflexology points while releasing the tension in your muscles. One popular use is to place both balls under the back of your head on either side of the spine while laying on the floor or wall. Controlling the pressure applied into the massage balls, start to roll the balls down your neck. Massaging your neck like this can release tension that has been held from long days of sitting at a desk.

Natural Cork Massage Roller

The Natural Cork Massage Roller is an amazing healing tool that helps release toxins, improve circulation, enhance joint movement and relieve pain. This versatile tool is not only great for rolling out big muscles groups, but can roll out the wrist, hand and foot. One way we love to use this Massage Roller is for the soles of the feet. Placing the roller on the floor, add pressure into your foot to where it feels comfortable. Roll back and forth to relieve the tension in the arch and ball of the foot.

Foam Roller - 18”

This foam roller is a massage therapist, acupressure specialist and yoga prop all in one! The foam roller can target and massage out pain in larger muscle groups that have accumulated tightness. Place your upper thigh onto the foam roller, add pressure, and roll your thigh upwards along the roller to release deep tissues while strengthening your core.

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